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Why Laminate?

Laminate is a synthetic material made up of several layers: multiple sheets of kraft paper (like that used in grocery bags), a decorative paper and a melamine plastic coating.

Advantages of Laminate Countertops

* Produced in hundreds of colors and patterns and a variety of finishes. Certain designs replicate the look of granite, solid surface, engineered stone and hardwood, among others, providing an in-demand look at an undemanding price.
* Easy upkeep.
* Impact resistant.
* Resists grease and stains.
* A coved design, where the laminate eliminates the countertop's back edge by curving slightly up the wall, makes for easy cleanup.
* Cost savings, due to reduced labor and more inexpensive material compared to other surfaces.


According to Wilsonart, a damp cloth and mild soap should be adequate for most spills. For more resistant stains, create a paste from baking soda and a mild household cleaner, and give a brisk 15-20 strokes to the area using a nylon bristle brush. If these methods don't work, a cotton ball saturated with undiluted household bleach can be rubbed on the stain for up to two minutes, though Wilsonart warns that the surface must be thoroughly rinsed with water and dried, and prolonged exposure to bleach will cause discoloration. Always follow your manufacturer's specific instructions.